Mail Bag

Jeffrey Schmidt- General Manager

I received your WSDP newsletter today. What a fantastic idea, and a great trip down “memory lane.” I started at WSDP in 1979 and didn’t realize how fortunate I was to have a high school with a radio station. I have fond memories of the “dead air,” the echo on commercials because we forgot to close the pot, all the common mistakes. I really enjoyed Mr. Cardinal and Mr. Seidelman’s leadership and teaching! As a person who “always knew” I wanted to be in radio, WSDP was the station that gave me the jump star Into the commercial world. While others at Michigan State were getting their feet wet, and their experience at the “college station,” I was working for the commercial giant, WITL in Lansing, because I had prior experience at WSDP. Now, I’m the General Manager of a 9 station group in Northeast Wisconsin (Green Bay area, with 6 FM’s and 3 AM’s). The company I work for is the third largest company in the world as far as radio stations owned. Radio has been my career and life since the first day I opened the mic on WSDP. If you have contact with Mr. Cardinal or Mr. Seidelman, please pass on my best to them and my gratitude. Jeffrey A. Schmidt, Salem

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