88.1 the Park’s Next Program Director and Operations Manager

88.1 the Park is pleased to announce that Mady Bajorek and Sumedha Sethi will be our next Program Director and Operations Manager.  These our the two top student leadership positions at the station.  Mady and Sumedha will begin serving in the roles in mid June.

Mady Bajorek has been 88.1 the Park’s Promotions Director this year.  She’s worked hard to keep the station present at events throughout Canton and Plymouth, and has provided extra support for station fundraisers.  Mady is a Junior at Salem.

Sumedha Sethi has been a news reporter, DJ, and Community Focus host.  Her Community Focus on the Indian Farmer’s Protest connected this significant social justice movement with the Indian American community in Canton.  Sumedha is a Junior at Plymouth.

“We are fortunate to have great student leaders like Sumedha and Mady,” said Bill Keith, Station Manager.  “We’ve seen the station make a difference in their lives and they want to see it make that same difference for others.  They are passionate about enhancing the station’s ability to serve Canton and Plymouth.”

The station is currently accepting applications for other student directorship positions.

88.1 the Park would also like to thank our current Program Director and Operations Manager, Emma Johnston and Evie Cadotte.  “We couldn’t have asked for a better leadership team than Emma and Evie,” said Keith.  “They love the station and the students on our staff.  I’m glad they’ll be part of our staff for a couple more months.”

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