Beliefs and Values Statement

WSDP Mission Statement
88.1 the Park uses local radio to invest in the lives of young people and serve the Plymouth-Canton Community.

Using Local Radio
*We believe in our history and our legacy. Founded in 1972, we have countless alumni who continue to shape and influence WSDP through mentoring, advocacy, and extensive fund-raising.

*We believe that WSDP is unique as one of only a handful of high-school run, community-funded radio stations in the State of Michigan. This represents tremendous opportunities and responsibilities for our students, our district, and our community.

*We believe WSDP is able to thrive because of the dedication of many people throughout the Plymouth-Canton Community. We are thankful to the tax payers of Plymouth-Canton who help to fund our station; the district administrators and the Plymouth-Canton Community School Board who support our vision; the faculty and staff who guide our mission; the students who manage, write, and deliver the on-air and on-line content; the alumni who have blazed trails for others to follow; and our audience whose continuous support and feedback validate our efforts every single day.


Investing in Young People
*We believe in the value of creating radio that is powered by students. WSDP serves as an extension of the classroom, whereby the skills students learn in the classroom are applied and enhanced through practical, hands on experience. WSDP students write and deliver on-air and on-line content. They also serve as student directors influencing programming, promotions, and assignments.

*We believe that the skills acquired in high school stay with individuals their entire life, to prepare them for future career paths. These skills can transcend the field of broadcasting. WSDP students have gone on to become engineers, business owners, lawyers, politicians, station managers, sportscasters, writers, and more.

*We believe in excellence. We participate in state and national competitions that validate our excellence as it relates to our peers.

*We believe in the value of learning from mistakes. These missteps are often the first steps that lead to future growth.


Serving the Plymouth-Canton Community
*We believe that WSDP is more than a radio station. WSDP is an integrated on-air and on-line platform providing news, sports, and information about our community.

*We believe in the power of music. Plymouth and Canton’s Hit Music is the glue that holds the rest of the programming together. WSDP programming includes thoughtful and engaging music that is appropriate for family and business.

*We believe in the richness of diversity. WSDP is a beacon for students – and listeners – with diverse backgrounds and interests. The diversity enhances tolerance and understanding both on-air and off.

*We believe in promoting the positive activities, students and faculty that make the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools one of the leading districts in the state. 88.1 the Park supports the district’s Communications and Marketing efforts by providing news and information, high school sports, interviews, and local broadcasts that spotlight the school’s importance in the community.

*We believe in highlighting the newsmakers, athletes, community leaders, and business owners who live here through our on-air and on-line content. The station is rooted in Canton and Plymouth and focuses on the people and institutions that make our community vibrant.

*We believe in partnering with our local community by attending, promoting, and broadcasting from events that are unique to Canton and Plymouth. These include live sporting events, community festivals, and government meetings.

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Our Sponsors

Helping the community through 88.1 The Park
Our Sponsors from the Plymouth-Canton area:
Advanced Orthodontics – Canton
Neehee’s Indian Vegetarian Street Food – Canton
JDog Junk Removal and Hauling
Plymouth Rotary
Community Financial Credit Union
Michigan Army National Guard
7-Eleven – Canton
Choice Insurance Agency – Westland