Sponsorship of 88.1 FM is an affordable way for even the smallest business to spread their word in the community. Best of all, sponsorship is fundamentally different than the common radio commercial.

Underwriting provides a way for businesses, individuals, foundations and other organizations to help WSDP. Unlike commercial broadcast stations, which receive funding from advertising sales, 88.1 FM relies on contributions from the community to enhance the existing budget provided by the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

Marketing Benefits

As a WSDP underwriter, your business benefits through cost effective, specifically-targeted marketing. Your business receives name recognition without commercial “clutter” while building your business image with the WSDP listeners. Program underwriting on WSDP is more than just a commercial spot; sponsorship relays your message and demonstrates your support toward education and our local broadcast service.

Important Guidelines

  • Underwriting credits can contain:
  • The underwriter’s name
  • Location
  • Business phone number
  • Value-neutral descriptions of a product line or business

Underwriting credits cannot contain:

  • Comparative or qualitative descriptions
  • Price information; including mentions of discounts, specials or savings percentage
  • A call to action

Sample Announcement:

You’re listening to The New 881, broadcasting with financial support from businesses including…
Wordhouse Financial Legacy Planning, located on Ford Road between Lilly and Morton Taylor in Canton. Wordhouse Financial Legacy Planning specializes in planning your retirement. Telephone Number 734-844-5555.

For information on sponsoring 88.1 FM call 416-7732.

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Our Sponsors

Helping the community through 88.1 The Park
Our Sponsors from the Plymouth-Canton area:
Advanced Orthodontics – Canton
Neehee’s Indian Vegetarian Street Food – Canton
JDog Junk Removal and Hauling
Plymouth Rotary
Community Financial Credit Union
Michigan Army National Guard
7-Eleven – Canton
Choice Insurance Agency – Westland