WSDP Endowment

WSDP celebrates more than 43 years of serving the community. The station began as a dream for 40 staff members in 1972 and continues to make a difference in the lives of students.

Founding General Manager, Bonny Dore, wrote about that impact, “Great things always start with a dream. One great idea that a small group of people focus on, and dedicate that portion of their lives to making come true no matter what the odds. The creation of WSDP was one of those dreams. And as I hear the comments of the students and community, I know that our dream lives on…on the air…and in their hearts.”

We can point to many students as examples of that dream. Rob Milford was Sports Director for the founding staff, and now works as a reporter for CBS Radio News. Jim Heller used his background at WSDP to land a job at CNN as a writer/producer, and now works for the State Department in the Ukraine. Jake Bugeja left WSDP in 2002 and within two years he was working full time handling production and imaging for VH1’s satellite radio station.

These are only a few examples of many students that used their experience at WSDP as a first step towards careers in broadcasting, as well those who found careers outside of radio and television. For many people, WSDP was the first place they were able to put those skills into practice.

…A future worth preserving.

WSDP has created an endowment fund through the Educational Excellence Foundation. The fund was created to move WSDP toward a greater degree of self-sufficiency. We hope this will preserve WSDP for future generations.

Donations to the fund are tax-deductible. Checks should be made payable to the Educational Excellence Foundation. Please place WSDP in the memo line.

Donations can be mailed to:
Bill Keith
46181 Joy Rd.
Canton MI 48187

Platinum Record Club – recognizing donations of $1,000 or more

New Liberty Bank – Plymouth, Michigan
Mike Schulte
Bill and Heidi Keith
Elizabeth Cardinal – In Memory of Jeffrey Cardinal
Kara Fiegenschuh-McGuire
June Kirchgatter
Suzanne DeVenny
Glenn Bar
Stephen Johnston
Jeff Cassin
Denny and Jill Kapp
Michael and Mary Guregian-Jenkins
Salem Class of 2010-2012
College Nannies
Elaine Kirchgatter
Giving Hope Women’s Giving Circle
Wilcox Foundation
Community Financial
Plymouth Whaler

Gold Record Club – recognizing donations of $500 – $999

Larry, Jan and Mark Donaldson
Jim Heller
Mike Schulte
Rebecca Lobenherz
Quintessential Event Company
Tracy Sperry and Kirsten Waarala
Canton Newcomers and Neighbors

Car Donation
Our Sponsors

Helping the community through 88.1 The Park
Our Sponsors from the Plymouth-Canton area:
Advanced Orthodontics – Canton
Neehee’s Indian Vegetarian Street Food – Canton
JDog Junk Removal and Hauling
Plymouth Rotary
Community Financial Credit Union
Michigan Army National Guard
7-Eleven – Canton
Choice Insurance Agency – Westland